Botox® is the most popular form of cosmetic treatment in the United States, and for good reason. Botox® temporarily minimizes your muscle contractions to smooth your skin and relax your face. Experienced aesthetic medicine specialist, Joohee Lee, MD, and Andres Escobar, MD, offer Botox to patients. Trust them to individualize your options so you get the best results possible. Call Cutis Medical Aesthetics or book an appointment online today.

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Botox is made from a neurotoxin and has the primary purpose of smoothing wrinkles and lines that etch into your face. These lines form due to repeated contractions of muscles in your face when you squint, smile, or make other expressions. The neurotoxin halts the nerve impulses that cause these muscle contractions so they relax and your expression softens.

Botox can be used to effectively treat the following areas:

  • Top lip lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Mid-arch eyebrow

Men and women who desire a more youthful, refreshed look can benefit from Botox injections. Botox can also make you look less concerned and serious by reducing worry lines.

The injections target the area around your eyes — known as crow’s feet — and lines in your forehead. Dr. Lee also uses Botox to soften vertical neck bands that make you look older than you feel or are.

Most people see the final results of their Botox treatment within 7-10 days after their procedure.

If this is your first time using Botox, your provider applies a conservative dose to see how you react. You can touch up with additional product in the week or two following if you desire greater results; this helps to ensure that you don’t experience over-treatment and look like you’ve had “work” done.

The effects of Botox injections last up to three months, depending on your metabolism and the area you had treated. After that, the effects wear off and you’ll need regular injections to maintain the effects of Botox.

Botox injections involve a superfine needle, so they may feel like a slight pinch, but most people tolerate the procedure quite well. It only takes 10-15 minutes to perform the injections, so the process is short. If you’re concerned about pain, talk to the team. They can provide icing or cream to numb the area prior to the procedure.

One of the benefits of Botox is that treatment requires virtually no downtime. You can go right back to daily activities, but may need to avoid intense exertion, including heavy exercise, for a day afterwards. You may have slight bruising or swelling at the injection sites, but this should fade in a day or so.

For a quick, effective procedure that can make you look years younger, call Cutis Medical Aesthetics or book online to schedule your Botox treatment today.

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